« Close up and personalized
communications, which are facilitated by
the limited size of the firm
have rapidly become an advantage
. »

Who are we ?

The law firm of Michaud LeBel was founded in May 2003 by well-established attorneys having years of experience with an exclusive practice in the field of civil and commercial litigation, namely in the fields of insurance law, civil liability and construction.

The founding of this law firm is part of the tendency noted in North America to increasingly structure small “boutique” type law offices specialized in certain fields of practice.

In dealing with the numerous legal assignments entrusted to it the law firm met and surpassed the expectations of its clients in a close relationship of confidence.

Every client appreciates dealing with efficient legal counsel who are experts in various litigation techniques and strategies. Close up and personalized communications, which are facilitated by the limited size of the firm, have rapidly become an advantage.

Our mission

Our professionals make it a point to provide efficient and innovative solutions to quickly settle large-volume litigation mainly involving the fields of construction, civil and professional liability as well as the fields of business law and insurance.

To do so, our team does not hesitate to work in close cooperation with clients to develop efficient and realistic litigation resolution strategies.

The law firm of Michaud LeBel has quickly distinguished itself and has maintained the confidence of its clients by insisting on the accessibility and competency of its professionals.

Our Expertise

The firm of Michaud LeBel offers services exclusively in the fields of civil and commercial litigation, especially in the following areas :


Professional liability and malpractice

(engineers, evaluators, brokers, etc.)

Insurance law

(subrogation, coverage, multiple policies, etc.)

Construction law

(claims, legal hypothecs, construction defects, etc.)

Real estate law

(executing sureties, management, commercial buildings occupation and rental, etc.)

Alternative dispute
resolution (ADR)

We represent and advise a variety of institutions and companies mostly including insurers, risk managers, general contractors, real estate promoters and professionals.


Me Annie Pelletier

Annie Pelletier


Me Maxime Dixon-Dionne

Maxime Dixon-Dionne


Me Benjamin Poirier

Benjamin Poirier


Me Louis-Thomas Deschênes

Louis-Thomas Deschênes


Me Gabrielle Côté-Olivier

Gabrielle Côté-Olivier


Me Caroline Lachance

Caroline Lachance


Me Annie Lacroix-Boulanger

Annie Lacroix-Boulanger


Me Laurie Bernier

Laurie Bernier


Me Gabriel Drouin

Gabriel Drouin


Mme Maryse Crête

Maryse Crête

Administrative Director

« We would like to give an articling student the possibility of having a hands-on experience with every aspect of an attorney’s work and help him/her to become independent and efficient in the practice of his/her profession. »


Every year, the firm of Michaud Lebel welcomes one or two articling students, seeking to develop their know-how.

The work performed by an articling student is structured to allow him/her to become familiar with research tools and the operation of a law firm. Various research assignments are gradually entrusted to him/her, along with the drafting of procedures or other assignments. These assignments concern active files, ensuring that the work performed will have a direct impact on the progress of current cases.

An articling student is also required to make submissions in court, either when the hearing docket is called or when motions are presented or contested. The articling student may also be required to assist any of the attorneys in complex cases to learn about the specifics in that type of case.

An articling student will have the benefit of daily support by the firm’s attorneys throughout his/her articling period. The articling student is encouraged to become involved in cases and to show initiative. Lastly, periodic meetings are held to discuss the articling student’s progress and to ensure that sufficient knowledge, skills and assurance are acquired over the weeks.

We want to give an articling student the possibility of being closely involved with all of the aspects of an attorney’s work and to help him/her become independent and efficient in the practice of his/her profession.


Become part of a team which offers efficient and innovative solutions to rapidly settle litigation, mainly in the fields of construction law, civil and professional liability, as well as regarding business law and insurance.
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